Best from The Rocket staff: New Media Journalism features

Published by The Rocket, Date: January 8, 2020

Dr. Mark Zeltner, associate professor in communication and former advisor to The Rocket, instructs COMM 347: New Media Journalism. In the fall 2019 semester, seven staff members and two contributors created new media content as part of this class. Here is some of The Rocket’s best work in New Media Journalism:


Keegan Beard, Photo Editor

“BREAKING: Late Night Accident Near Slippery Rock University Campus”

Keegan Beard was on the scene of a car accident on the corner of Kiester and Harmony Roads on Sept. 10. For more photos of the crash, read Keegan’s full blog post.


Zachary Bonnette, Assistant Sports Editor

“SRSGA Town Hall meeting addresses mental health”

Zachary Bonnette covered the Slippery Rock Student Government Association’s second town hall of the semester for his two-hour challenge. His post, linked above, includes video bites of panelists and audiences members at the town hall.


Allison Downs, News Editor

“CDR sponsors young girl’s education”

Allison Downs covered a fundraiser sponsored by College Dress Relief. To learn more about Yuda Bands and how CDR supported a young girl’s education, click the link above.


Hope Hoehler, Campus Life Editor

“From persecution to advocacy”

Lyosha Gorshkov joined SRU as the assistant director of the women’s and pride centers in October 2019. After serving as a professor in Russia for over 15 years, Gorshkov claimed political asylum and left the country for New York. For Gorshkov’s full journey, see Hope’s blog post linked above.


Brendan Howe, Assistant Campus Life Editor

“Paella to Waffles”

In this web biography, Brendan Howe sits down with Alejandro Fernandez, a men’s soccer player and Madrid native, on his experiences abroad at SRU. To view a timeline of Fernandez’s journey and interview bites, click the link above.


Karl Ludwig, Sports Editor

“Betting on Green and White”

Karl Ludwig, The Rocket’s sport editor and a senior sport management major, sticks close to his roots for this web biography on quarterback Roland Rivers III, who was just named the recipient of the Harlon Hill Trophy. Karl’s blog post also includes a map of Rivers’s travels across the nation prior to his time at SRU.


Aaron Marrie, Multimedia Editor

“PSAC stands tall in the past five years”

Using the data visualization tool Flourish, Aaron Marrie created line race graph of the Division II football teams and the amount of times each team appeared in the NCAA Division II championships. To see a full-size interactive version of the graph, click the link above.


Ron McNerney, Multimedia Contributor

“Student Marking Increases Concert Sales on SRU’s Campus”

Ron McNerney dove into data for concerts sponsored by SRU’s University Program board. For more on Ron’s findings, see the blog post linked above.


Haley Potter, Senior Rocket Contributor

“Men’s Versus Women’s Sports Scholarships at SRU”

Haley Potter investigates the number of athletic scholarships allocated to men’s and women’s sports at SRU. For more information about Haley’s findings and to interact with her Flourish data visualizations, click the link above for the full blog post.


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