3/28/19 Blotter

Published by , Author: Hannah Shumsky - Assistant News Editor, Date: March 28, 2019

March 21 – Police received a fire alarm activation from Rock Apartments. Safety responded and found that the cause of the alarm was burnt food. The alarm panel was reset.

March 21 – Police were dispatched to Rock Pride Drive for a loud noise complaint for males playing a stereo outside of Building E. The officer advised individuals to turn down their music. No further action was taken by police.

March 22 – Health Center telephoned dispatch to request an ambulance to be sent to the parking lot for a highly intoxicated person. EMS transported the person to Grove City Medical Center.

March 22 – Police received a panic alarm from the front desk of North Hall. The alarm was accidentally set off and then reset.

March 22 – Police were dispatched for a fire alarm activation in Building F. The alarm was possibly malfunctioning. Safety was notified to check the alarm system.

March 23 – Slippery Rock Borough Police Department were at the university police station to use Data Master for a possible driving under the influence charge.

March 23 – Police received a call from an individual in Building F who was concerned for the well being of an acquaintance. It was discovered that the individual was in South Carolina. University police called South Carolina State Police with the person’s information.

March 23 – Police were dispatched to Harrisville Building for a motion detection alarm. The alarm was set off accidentally, and the panel was reset.

March 23 – An officer on patrol observed that a stop sign was lying on the ground near Stadium Drive. No damage was apparent other than broken carriage bolts.

March 24 – Police responded to a person who fell and hit their head in Smith Student Center. An ambulance was dispatched, and the person refused transport to the hospital.

March 24 – Matthew Kerr, 20, was cited with driving under the influence.

March 25 – State police requested university police to check on a person in Madison Grove who may have been in need of medical attention. Officers located the person on Route 173. EMS was dispatched and transported the person to Butler Memorial Hospital.

March 25 – Health Center requested an officer to escort a person from their room in Building D to the Health Center van so the person can be transported to the Health Center.

March 25 – Police were dispatched for a person who passed out in Smith Student Center. The person was alert and breathing when university police and EMS were on scene. The person refused medical treatment.

March 26 – A person from Building D filed a theft report that his “air buds” were stolen near the Dinger Building. The case is under investigation.

March 26 – Police were dispatched for a vehicle accident on Kiester Road by the tennis courts. No injuries were reported, and owners exchanged information. This was a non-reportable accident.

March 27 – Health Center requested an ambulance for a person who was passing out. Slippery Rock EMS arrived and transported the person to Grove City Medical Center.

March 27 – Police received a complaint of a hit and run. The person said her vehicle stalled out on Campus Drive. The vehicle behind her went around and struck vehicle and failed to stop and render aid or information. The case is under investigation.

March 27 – Police received a call from an individual who said that while they were parked in the West Lake Parking Lot their vehicle was damaged. The case is under investigation.

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