2/7/19 Blotter

Published by , Author: Hannah Shumsky - Assistant News Editor, Date: February 7, 2019

February 1 – Police received a medical call from Building E. Police checked on the person. An ambulance was dispatched and transported the person to the hospital.

February 2 – Police responded to a vehicle accident at Central Loop. After reviewing camera footage, a person was cited for failure to stop at the posted stop sign.

February 3 – Police were called for an unknown person banging on a residence door in Building D. Police responded and identified the person. The person was removed from the building.

February 3 РA case from Jan. 30 was resolved. Andrew Weese, 19, was cited with an alcohol violation.

February 4 – Police were called for a medical emergency in Smith Student Center. An ambulance was dispatched and transported the person to the hospital.

February 4 – A person reported that a vehicle hit their parked car in Swope Commuter Lot. A note was placed on windshield by a witness who observed the accident. The case is under investigation.

February 5 – Police were called to check on a person in Rhoads Hall. The person was taken to the police station, and a relative picked up the person to take them home.

February 5 РPolice received a call from a nurse in Ohio to report that a student was assaulted on Feb. 2. The victim did not want to give a name, location of the incident or any other details of the assault.

February 5 – Police received Metis activation from Swope Music Hall. The alarm was accidentally tripped, and the panel was reset.

February 6 – Police responded to a fire alarm in Aebersold Recreation Center. Police checked the area and discovered that a child pulled the alarm. The panel was then reset.

February 6 – Health Center requested an officer and an ambulance to transport a patient to the hospital.

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Hannah is a senior secondary English education major and communication minor entering her third year on The Rocket staff and her second year as editor-in-chief. Previously, she served as assistant news editor and covered Student Government Association affairs. After graduation, she hopes to teach English, communications and journalism to high school students. Hannah has won numerous awards for her writing and design work with The Rocket and was named SRU's Student Leader of the Year in 2020. Outside of The Rocket, Hannah is also part of WSRU-TV, Sigma Tau Delta and the Honors College.


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