Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: March 22, 2018


March 15- An alarm was triggered and received by police, originating from the ski lodge. Upon arrival, it was discovered that maintenance was closing it and the alarm was reset.

March 15- Borough Police requested SRUPD assistance for a burglar alarm that was set off on Main Street. No one was found inside the building and the owner of the business was notified to have it fixed.

March 15- A case from March 4 was resolved pertaining to damage within the University Union. Eric Cleis, 21, was cited for criminal mischief.

March 18- Police received a fire alarm from Building B. Upon checking the area it was determined that steam caused the alarm to go off. The panel was then reset.

March 18- An on-campus drunk driving case has been resolved. Samuel Firkalt, 19, was cited with driving under the influence.

March 19- Police were called about a shuttle bus hitting another vehicle in the Central Loop. Information was taken by police and no one was reported as injured.

March 19- A fire alarm was received from Building A. Steam was determined to be the cause and the panel was reset.

March 19- Police received a call from North Hall about a missing person. The individual was located by police and was determined to be fine.

March 20- An individual went into cardiac arrest at the Maltby Center. An AED was utilized and CPR was administered by police until EMS arrived at the scene. The person was transported to the hospital via ambulance.

March 20- Police received a call from the Aebersold Recreation Center about someone becoming unconscious. An ambulance was dispatched after police arrived at the scene. The person woke and refused medical treatment by ambulance.

March 21- Police received a metis activation alarm from the Eisenberg Classroom Building. The cause for why the alarm went off remains undetermined and then panel was reset.

March 21- An on-campus drunk driving incident has been resolved. Brandon Harvey, 20, has been cited for driving under the influence.


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