Blotter 3/8/18

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: March 8, 2018


March 2- Nurses requested police presence at the Health Center for an agitated patient. Nurses wanted police in the area incase the incident escalated.

March 2- Police on patrol noticed signs had been removed in the area surrounding the Boozel Staff parking lot. After investigation, charges are pending for those individuals involved in the removing of the signs.

March 2- A fire alarm was received from Building F. Upon investigation, police determined that the cause was steam from a shower and the panel was reset.

March 3- A call was received from the Smith Student Center about a person who suffered a fall. Upon arrival, the person refused medical treatment.

March 4- Police received a call from the desk attendant in Building B about an alarm going off. Police did receive the alarm however, and notified maintenance to address the issue.

March 4- Police received a call about damages caused in University Union. After investigation, charges are pending for involved individuals.

March 5- Police received a call about a possibly missing person. Upon investigation, the person was located leaving in another vehicle . The caller was notified and was able to make contact with the individual.

March 5- Police were called about an accident that occurred in the West Lake parking lot. Parties involved exchanged information and were able to drive away from the scene.

March 6- A person stopped in to report possible harassment that occurred in Building E. Police contacted the other person involved and the situation has been resolved at this time. Person was advised to report back to police if the behavior continued.

March 7- A car was parked illegally in the Smith Staff parking lot. Police checked on the vehicle and charges are currently pending for suspicion of DUI.

March 7- Police observed a truck parked in a handicap spot while out on patrol.Two individuals were found inside the vehicle. After investigation, charges are pending for a possible DUI.


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