Blotter 2/15/18

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: February 15, 2018


February 8- Police received a call for a vehicle that slid into another vehicle in the stadium lot. The hit was minor and the owner of the vehicle who was struck wanted nothing done.

February 8- An individual reported that their vehicle had been struck overnight by an unknown vehicle in the stadium lot. The case is currently under investigation by campus police.

February 8- An individual wished to report that their vehicle had been hit in the West Lake parking lot. It was determined that the incident happened off campus, so campus police referred the person to Pennsylvania state police.

February 8- Police were called by the community assistant in Building F. Lexie Schlegel, 19, was cited for disorderly conduct and items were seized.

February 10- The community assistant in Watson Hall alerted officers about a possible drug violation. Rowen Mayes, 19, was cited for a drug violation and received charges in the mail.

February 11- Police on patrol noticed an intoxicated person by the Intramural Fields. Jeremy Gallagher, 19, was cited for an alcohol violation and was transported to the Health Center.

February 11- Police received a call from North Hall to check on a person who was supposed to be home by then. The person was located and was put in contact with the caller.

February 13- Police were called to Watson Hall for an emergency incident. An ambulance was dispatched and the person was safely transported to the hospital.

February 13- A person in Building F reported a possible incident of fraud. Police are currently investigating to determine if a crime actually occurred.

February 13- Police responded to a trouble alarm in Building E. The cause was determined to be steam and the panel was reset.

February 14- Police booted a vehicle in the Founders lot for unpaid parking tickets.


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