SGA introduces new VP position, ad-hoc committee achieves standing status

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: February 13, 2018

After functioning as an ad-hoc committee for the past two years, the social justice committee of SRSGA was recognized as a standing committee at Monday night’s Slippery Rock Student Government Association meeting.

Amendments were made to SRSGA’s constitution to Article’s two, four and six. The constitutional changes created the Executive Board position of Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, a position that will be elected by democratic vote in this spring’s SGA elections. A list of duties for the position, including overseeing campaigns and promoting policy-based advocacy, was also approved.

“I ask you to trust me,” Social Justice Chair Victoria Davis said as she addressed the Senate prior to the vote being held. “I have made it my life’s work for the past two years to make sure that I am as educated as possible with the privilege that I know I have. Trust me when I say that I have done everything I can to ensure that diversity and inclusion can be institutional in student government.”

The amendments were not met without opposition by some members of the Senate. Articles II, IV and VI were met with three, one and two dissenting votes respectively. A motion to table the list of duties for the new position for later discussion received five votes but was defeated. The amendments to the constitution will not go into effect until the start of the 2018-19 academic year.

Three new senators were elected to fill vacant positions for SRSGA. Former SRSGA Speaker of the Senate Elizabeth Hernandez was elected as a Commuter Senator. Hernandez did not serve in the fall because she had been involved with student government in Australia for the past six months.

Freshmen Corinne Rockefeller and Emily Smolinsky ran for the vacant position of North Hall Senator. It was proposed by Speaker Josh Jenkins that whoever lost the roll-call vote could serve as Rhoads Hall Senator due to similarities between the residence halls. This point was reinforced by VP of Finance Riley Keffer before senator’s cast their votes.

“I think that we should approve Corinne for the position of Rhoads Hall Senator and Emily for North,” Keffer said. “I think both candidates are worthy of joining our Senate.”

This proposal ended up becoming reality, as Rockefeller was elected as Rhoads Hall Senator and Smolinsky as North Hall Senator. All three newly elected senators were sworn in at the meeting and will serve for the remainder of the spring semester.

Four new initiative requests were approved by the Senate. The Athletic Training Alliance was granted $270.95 for a conference that they attended in Boston. The Sports Management Alliance was also reimbursed for a conference they attended in South Carolina for the amount of $2,406.

The University Program Board’s request of $2,602 was approved. This request was for attending a conference that begins this Saturday and will run through Wednesday. Men of Distinction also had their $1,120 request for speaker fees approved by the Senate.

The next formal meeting for SRSGA will be held on February 26 at 8:45 in the Smith Student Center Theater.

Disclaimer: Victoria Davis is a member of The Rocket staff.


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