Blotter 2/8/18

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: February 8, 2018


February 1- Police noticed damage to Scarnati Field while on patrol. The case is currently under investigation.

February 2- Police heard a woman screaming from inside a car on Rock Pride Drive. Bailey Wilson, 19, was escorted to the Health Center and cited for an alcohol violation.

February 2- While investigating an earlier incident in Building B, police checked on an individual who appeared to be intoxicated. Casey Snyder, 18, was transported to the Health Center and was cited for an alcohol violation.

February 4- Police were called to Boozel Dining Hall for individuals who were intoxicated. Katherine Fronczak, 18, Abigail Mueller, 18, and Ashley Sokol, 18, were escorted to the Health Center and cited for alcohol violations.

February 4- Police were called to Building E for a medical emergency. Madelaine Pacella, 20, was intoxicated and had to be transported to the hospital. Pacella was cited for an alcohol violation.

February 4- A smoke detector was sent off in Watson Hall. The cause was determined to be burnt food and the panel was reset.

February 4- Police were alerted of a person being harassed in Building A. Both parties were spoken to and the problem was resolved.

February 4- The community assistant in Building B for a possible drug violation. Kyle Wadsworth, 19, was cited for disorderly conduct and items were seized.

February 4- A vehicle became stuck on the side of Harmony Road. Police called a tow truck and the vehicle was cleared from the roadway.

February 5- Police booted a vehicle in the parking lot outside of Rhoads Hall due to outstanding parking tickets.

February 6- A vehicle was stopped by police in the Central Loop for an equipment violation. This resulted in suspicion of DUI. Vincent Caruso, 18, Collin Eger, 18, and Zachary Yeskatalas, 19, were all cited for alcoholic violations. Jacob Schriefer, 18, was cited for a drug violation. Travis Nicholas, 19, was cited for driving under the influence.

February 6- Police found a tarp on fire at the construction site by Strain Behavioral Science Building. The fire was put out and notifications were made.

February 7- While plowing the Police Staff Lot, the plow accidentally struck a vehicle. A report was taken.

February 7- A crash occurred on Harmony Road. Police arrived and had one vehicle towed from the scene and a report was taken.

February 7- A person slid into the curb while driving in the Central Loop. The owner called a tow truck to have the vehicle removed from the area.


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