Blotter 2/1/18

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: February 2, 2018

January 25- Police responded to a three-car accident on Kiester Road. No one was injured and two vehicles had to be towed from the scene. An accident report was filed by state officials.

January 26- A smoke container was smoking on Rock Pride Drive. The person who called was advised by officers to pour water on it and maintenance was notified of the incident.

January 27- Police received a call about a fight on Maltby Avenue. Police arrived and told participants to vacate the premises. All complied and left the area.

January 27- Person reported accidentally breaking a glass pane from the bus stop shuttle on Rock Pride Drive. Maintenance was notified of the incident.

January 28- The community assistant in North Hall notified officers about an alcohol violation. Collin Eger, 18, was located by police and charged.

January 28- While on patrol, police drove by a group of people sitting near the Central Loop. A juvenile, age 17, screamed at the officers using profanity. It was discovered that the person was intoxicated and they were transported to the station to be charged.

January 28- The community assistant in Building B alerted officers about alcohol in a resident’s room. Jacob Myers, 18, was cited for an alcohol violation.

January 28- Police were stopped on Rock Pride Drive for an individual who had cut their hand. The person was offered medical attention and/or transportation to the Health Center, but they chose to walk there unassisted.

January 28- Police observed a male staggering in the middle of the roadway. Ethan Thomas, 24, was identified and charged with public intoxication.

January 31- Borough Police requested assistance for a traffic incident on Main Street.

January 31- Police were notified of an accident involving a bus and a car on Kiester Road. Information was exchanged and an incident report was taken.


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