Blotter 1/25/18

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: January 25, 2018


January 19- Police received a call for a vehicle of the roadway in the Central Loop in front of Bailey. Upon examining the vehicle revealed that it had expired plates and the driver was given a citation.

January 21- Police stopped a vehicle that had been driving the wrong way on Field House Road. Rowen Mayes, 19, was arrested for drug paraphernalia and was cited for disorderly conduct for driving the wrong direction.

January 21- Police received an alarm for a room in Building A. The area was checked and the cause was determined to be burnt food. The panel was reset.

January 21- Police received an alarm for a room in Building E. The cause was determined to be steam and the panel was reset.

January 22- Police are continuing to investigate a reported hit and run in the Founders Lot.

January 23- Person reported to police that an accident had occurred on Morrow Way because the other driver did not want to give all their information. The other driver was located and the necessary information was gathered.

January 23- Police received a call about numerous fire alarms going off in Rhoads Hall. The reason for the alarms going off has yet to be determined, and maintenance was notified to address the issue.

January 24- The community assistant in Watson Hall stated that two security guards from Ginger Hill dropped an intoxicated individual outside the building. Police arrived and escorted the person to the Health Center.

January 24- A person was having trouble breathing in the Central Loop. Police arrived and took the individual to the Health Center to be treated.

January 24- Police were called to Building E for an alarm going off. It was discovered that a person was vaping in the room and was advised not to do that in the future. The panel was then reset.

January 24- Police were called to Building A for an alarm going off. The reason for triggering the alarm was undetermined. Safety was notified of the incident and responded accordingly.


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