Blotter 12/7/17

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Assistant News Editor, Date: December 7, 2017


December 1- Police received a fire alarm from Rhoades Hall and the building was evacuated. Upon checking the room, the cause of the smoke was determined that the cause of the smoke was likely because of vaping. The incident was then referred to housing.

December 1- Officers discovered a vehicle in the ditch outside Rock Pride Drive that caused property damage. Charges are pending.

December 1- An individual called police from Swope Music Hall to report an incident that happened earlier in the day. The case is presently under investigation.

December 1- Police approached a vehicle on Campus Drive that was facing the wrong direction. While speaking with the occupants, Matthew Walter, 20, was cited for disorderly conduct.

December 2- Police received a call from Building D that a individual was unresponsive. EMS was contacted and transported the person to the hospital.

December 2- Police observed two 16 year old juveniles passed out in  a vehicle in the Alumni Commuter lot. Both were taken for suspicion of DUI and cited with alcohol violations.

December 2- An odor of marijuana was detected by a community assistant in Building B. The case is currently under investigation by police.

December 2- Police received a call from North Hall for a person that was passed out in the rest room. Casey Snyder, 18, was escorted to the Health Center by police and was cited with an alcohol violation.

December 3- A three car accident occurred along Kiester Road. One individual suffered injuries that required them to be transported to the hospital. An accident report was filed by the police.

December 4- An individual wished to report that an unknown individual had walked on their car, denting it in the process. It was determined that this incident occurred off campus and the person was advised to contact the Pennsylvania State Police.

December 4- A female student wanted to report that a person called her and said that he was going to enter her residence. The incident occurred on I-79 and Pennsylvania State Police told people to contact Campus Police because they live in the area. Police advised the individual on what to do, no other action was taken.

December 5- An individual was reported an unauthorized use of their credit card on campus. This case is currently under investigation.

December 6- Police were dispatched to Central Receiving for a theft report. This case is currently under investigation.

December 6- Police were dispatched to Bailey Library for an individual having a seizure. The individual was transported by police to the Health Center.

December 6- An individual in Building A reported being harassed by a roommate. This case is currently under investigation.

December 7- Police responded to a fire alarm that was set off in Building F. The alarm was set off by individuals who were vaping. The alarm was reset.


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