State system introduces showcase for faculty members

Published by adviser, Author: Daniel DiFabio - News Editor , Date: November 4, 2017

The Pennsylvania State System (PASSHE)  introduced a page on their website on Oct. 20 dedicated to showing off various works from faculty members throughout the state system.

Alicia Brumbach, director of communications and social media, said work started on the showcase last year, and then information was collected from faculty, with each of the 14 universities in the state system being represented. This part of the project is phase one, and Brumbach said she is hoping to open the showcase back up and enter more faculty towards the end of the fall 2017 semester.

“We wanted to make sure it was working correctly and now we’re going to continue to add additional faculty as we move forward,” Brumbach said.

According to Brumbach, the goal of the faculty showcase is to share stores about faculty, with the showcase acting as a “brag book” of sorts.

“It’s not necessarily a media guide, it’s just our way of showcasing the talent that we have within the system,” Brumbach said.

There is a link on each faculty member’s section of the showcase to contact them, with the request going through their respective’s university’s public relations office. This was done so someone couldn’t contact a faculty member without their consent.

“If they want to speak with a Slippery Rock faculty member who is an expert on a subject, they would send an email to that PR office to get that information,” Brumbach said. “We wanted them to have that.”

Brumbach said the showcase allows for faculty members to provide links to three online resources, which could include published works from the faculty member or a link to a news story they were featured in.

Brumbach hopes to have photos for all faculty members added in the future, and the rotation of featured faculty stories on the website is rotated out as the school year goes on.

“We’re going to continually evolve the site,” Brumbach said. “We are really making sure the information is accessible and people see and have a really good idea o what you can get at all 14 universities.”

With the showcase and a show on the Pennsylvania Cable Network, Brumbach said that the state system hopes to share the stories of everyone from the various campuses.

“Whether it be digital media, print or our television show, we make sure that we’re out there telling the great things that are going on at our universities,” Brumbach said.

The showcase can be accessed at 


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