Mobile app connects students with emergency services

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Rocket Contributor , Date: March 29, 2017

SRU’s Student Intervention Services and the Wellness Center teamed up to help promote the “Just in Case” mobile app, which is designed to assist SRU students with various emergency situations.

“Just in Case” was created by a mental health strategic group composed of on-campus staff from organizations such as the Wellness Center, Intervention Services, Campus Recreation and the Counseling Center. The committee developed the app in response to concerns surrounding the disconnect between these helpful organizations and the students who need them.

Paul Novak, director of planning and safety, said he was enthusiastic about the prospects of the app, particularly in the aspect of making SRU’s campus a safer, more productive place.

“I’m really appreciative of this committee coming together and spearheading this mental health initiative,” Novak said. “With this app, we can increase awareness and provide much-needed resources for students on campus. Everything from crisis hotlines to information regarding sexual assault will be easily accessible from your smartphone.”

Renee Bateman, health promotion coordinator, helped to spearhead this mental health-related initiative. Although it is too early yet to gather any definitive data– with the app having launched three weeks ago– Bateman is pleased with its impact in these early stages.

“The students who have already downloaded “Just in Case” have been pleased with all the services it has to offer,” Bateman said. “It gives students the resources they need when they have concerns about themselves or their peers. The service it really provides is a direct connection to on-campus resources, which can be invaluable for those students who need it.”

The app provides everything from crisis management of situations such as an anxiety attack, to screening techniques geared toward helping address mental health issues before they worsen. Bateman is also confident in the long-term benefits that “Just in Case” provides as well.

“We hope to tell parents and students about the app at orientation to further our goal of making this information well known and allowing students to understand where they can receive help before they even start class in the fall,” Bateman said.

The app can be found here and is compatible with all mobile devices.


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