Career Education and Development Office to move to Vincent Science Center during library renovations

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Rocket Contributor , Date: March 23, 2017

SRU’s Career Education and Development Office will temporarily change locations next month, moving from Bailey Library to Vincent Science Center.

The move is due to renovations of Bailey Library, with the new office expected to be ready sometime early next year. The office will be closed from April 13-14 during the move-in process and will re-open officially April 17 at 104 Vincent Science Center.

Director of the Career Education and Development Office John Rindy said that students should not be concerned about the temporary office’s ability to continue to offer services, which include career management tools, interview preparation and career counseling. Rindy said that he and his staff are confident that the services provided by the Career Education Office will not only be maintained, but even improved going forward.

“All programming, services and staff will remain unchanged in our new location,” Rindy said. “Our temporary office also has a classroom across the hall which could even be used to house FYRST Seminar classes in the fall semester. We’re a family here and look to continue helping the wonderful students here at SRU.”

The office in Vincent Science Center was formerly held by the physician’s assistant program and will likely be filled by the engineering program once the renovations are finished on the library, Rindy said.

The new renovations that will be debut at the beginning of next year were at the request of Rindy and his staff, who want the new office to help create a healthier work environment. These updates include specialized offices for directors in order to ensure better privacy, new carpeting and an updated fresh air makeup system.

“We’re all excited about the updates and feel truly appreciated by the university for helping us out,” Rindy said. “This is my home, and my staff and I feel as though these updates will aid us in helping students succeed.”


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