Interim associate provost for transformational experiences will take on position full time

Published by , Author: Adam Zook - Rocket Contributor , Date: February 9, 2017

On Friday, Brad Wilson, who has served as interim associate provost for transformational experiences, will take on the position full time.

“I was appointed the interim for the position in January of 2015, so it was basically a two-year endeavor,” said Wilson. “The school was going through a transitional period and I was looking for something new.”

Wilson has been involved at Slippery Rock University since 1997, starting off as a philosophy professor and eventually becoming the head of the department. In addition to his new administrative position, his leadership over other departments includes career education and development; undergraduate research; distinguished scholarships and fellowships; the Honors Program and Bailey Library. Wilson also continues to serve in another interim role as director of global involvement.

While ‘transformational experiences’ may sound vague, the purpose it serves on campus is anything but mundane. Wilson said the department looks to integrate areas of the campus to increase student resources and foster a well-rounded learning environment.

“It’s an unusual name for sure,” Wilson said. “Several years ago, it became apparent that the academic and non-academic offices here on campus almost never interacted. Over the last couple years, we’ve taken steps to reorganize our approach so students can relate what they’re doing in the classroom to other aspects of college life. There are the offices outside their major that they will look back upon and know how they helped them grow.”

Wilson said that programs such as the honors program, student leadership, career education, study abroad and Bailey Library are just some of the offices that help students, with the influence of these offices increased dramatically compared to a few years ago, now becoming common in the makeup of an SRU student.

Wilson said that he sees this new position as a new opportunity to help students grow, though he admitted that he does miss the classroom from time to time.

“Part of me will always miss teaching,” Wilson said. “However, with a position like this, I can aid students in a whole new way. It’s as if I’m in the best of both worlds; I could not be happier.”


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