University begins interviews for associate director of campus recreation

Published by adviser, Author: Rebecca Koch - Rocket Contributor , Date: December 1, 2016

SRU started its series of interviews for the associate director of campus recreation position this week, with the current associate director moving to fill a higher position.

Greg Sferra, the current director of campus recreation, said that he is retiring this month after working at the university since 1997. Sferra said some of the primary responsibilities of the position include overseeing professional and student staff, fiscal management, facility management of the ARC, managing the McFarland Recreational Sports Complex, Ski Lodge, campground and the respective facilities’ marketing.

Karen Perry, who is currently the associate director of campus recreation, will be moving up to fill Sferra’s role after he goes into retirement.

“Karen Perry is going to become our next director and I am extremely confident in her ability to lead campus recreation, in the future,” Sferra said. “Karen has been a great asset to campus reaction and The Rock as our associate director.”

Sferra started conducting interviews this week to fill the associate director position.

“I always wanted the opportunity to give back to my alma mater in a professional capacity,” Sferra said. “Upon being named the director of campus recreation you could not chisel the smile off my face. My dream job had come to fruition and I had great expectations and excitement for the contribution that the construction of the ARC, creation of the office of campus recreation and formation of the campus recreation team would add to The Rock to benefit our students.”

Sferra said he still plans on being involved with the university even has he prepares to retire.

“It is time to turn the page and begin the retirement chapter of my life,” Sferra said. “Again, I will be forever grateful for this opportunity, the many experiences and the people who have become a part of my life.”

Sferra said that, above all, campus recreation is all about people, and he hopes that the people aspect of the profession, including developing and cultivating relationships with students and ARC members, continues to be top priority.


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