SRU students give their reasons for choosing who they voted for during the election

Published by adviser, Author: Rocket Contributors , Date: November 14, 2016

10 SRU students were asked last Wednesday about who they voted for during the presidential election and why.

Tyler McCarthy, senior political science major, said he voted for Hillary Clinton and was scared of Trump.

“I am Hispanic, so I didn’t like views about the the Hispanic people,” McCarthy said. “I also didn’t like his overall rhetoric concerning women.”

Riley Keffer, a junior secondary education major, said he voted for Clinton and would never have voted for Trump. 

“Trump has a rape case against him involving a 13-year-old girl,” Keffer said.  “He has a court date set for December.”

That wasn’t the only case that bothered Keffer.

“His comments on race are appalling,” he said.  “Not to mention all the other things he has done, like the audiotape of him degrading women.”

Keffer said he agreed with Clinton on different issues.

“She proposed stricter gun control that could help prevent mass shootings,” he said.  “I like that she is pro-choice because I believe everyone has the right to choose.”

Mack Shearer, public health major, said he also voted for Clinton, who he said had a good chance of being President because her husband was one in the past.

“With her husband having experience in office, I believe that can be a huge bonus for her as President,” Shearer said.

Shearer also believed that Clinton’s policies would benefit the middle class. He said he didn’t vote for Trump because he didn’t like the idea of the president already having celebrity status and that Trumps is a little racist.

In comparison, freshmen biology major Joseph Shotts said he voted for Trump because he didn’t want taxes raised, especially for the upper class.

“I want to be a surgeon someday and I don’t want to pay higher taxes if I get the job I want,” Shotts said.

Shotts said he also wants his borders well-protected and thought Trump could do a better job at it. Shotts didn’t vote for Clinton because of her pro-choice stance and felt that she wouldn’t protect the borders well enough.

Mackenzie Schwab, a freshman biology major, said she voted for Donald Trump.  She said she made the decision with the help of her parents and boyfriend.

“I voted for Trump because I respect the opinion of the people closest to me and that’s who they suggested,” Schwab said.  “They’re very knowledgeable about politics, helping me make the best decision, even though I’m not.”

Schwab said Clinton’s policies could’ve had a negative effect on her career path.

“Obamacare has reduced wages for those in the medical field,” she said.  “Hopefully Trump will repeal and replace America’s current healthcare plan.”

Schwab said she believes Clinton wouldn’t have met the needs of many Americans.

“I think she cares a lot about people outside this country, but she forgets that people in this country need help too,” Schwab said.

Caitlyn Kilmer, president of the College Democrats group on campus, said the group was surprised by the results of the election.

“We obviously wish things had gone the other way but we will continue to be an active organization on campus who stands up for everyone,” Kilmer said. “We have a lot of partnering clubs and organizations that have our support and support us. With that network of camaraderie, we plan on licking our wounds and moving forward the coming semesters.”

Attempts were made to contact the SRU College Republicans but they did not respond.

Communication majors Stephen Cukovich, Douglas Gilghrist, Connor Himich, Chase Voltz and Daniel DiFabio conducted the interviews last Wednesday for the Feature Journalism class. The responses from the various interviews were then selected and combined for this story. 


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