Blotter 10/06/16

Published by adviser, Author: Logan Campbell - Asst. News Editor, Date: October 7, 2016


September 29- Kyle Wilson, 22, was charged with a drug violation in Building D.

September 30- Police were called by a CA in Building F for marijuana. Person(s) were gone upon officer’s arrival.

September 30- Police on patrol noticed a motorcycle knocked over at Morrow Field House. The owner was called and a police report was taken of the incident.

October 1- Police on patrol noticed damage to the fence by the tennis courts. The debris was removed and maintenance was notified.

October 2- Police observed persons riding golf carts along Kiester Road which were taken from Old Main. Charges are pending for theft.

October 3- Police were called by the CA in Building F for an odor of marijuana. The contraband was seized and charges are pending.

October 5- Police received a call from the borough police to assist on the location of a missing juvenile who is nine years old. The juvenile was found along Kelly Boulevard by police.

October 5- Police on patrol noticed a person by a vehicle behind Building A. The officer checked on the person and they admitted to smoking marijuana. The person were sent to student conduct as a referral.

October 6- A nurse at the Health Center requested an ambulance be dispatched to their location for a person having an allergic reaction.


September 13- Dustin Micco, 20, was cited for harassment.

September 15- Steven McGinty, 27, was arrested for defiant trespass at Giant Eagle.

September 17- A 16-year old juvenile was cited for a curfew violation after being located at Sheetz at 1:30 a.m.

September 17- Shannon Drew, 19, and Stephanie Crandall, 18, were cited for disorderly house after being stopped along Fairview Drive for carrying open containers of alcohol.

September 24- Tyler Felker, 23, was arrested for disorderly conduct after confronting people near the bar and attempting to fight with police.

September 25- Patrick Carlson, 21, Trae Cook, 23,  Kevin Green, 23,  Cord Houseknecht, 23, Evan Polly, 21, and  Teven Williams, 24, were all cited for disorderly house after police received another noise complaint about the residence along New Castle St.

September 26- A resident along North Main Street reported an attempted burglary while she was home. A George Junior runaway had attempted to gain entry to the house while running from the staff of George Junior. The actor was later apprehended and transported back to the facility.

September 27- Sheetz reported a retail theft of an energy drink. After Sheetz obtains the actor’s information from his bank card, charges will be filed.

September 28- A resident of West Cooper St. reported the front tire of her vehicle had been slashed overnight.

September 28- Police received a call of a male attempting to get into locked vehicles behind a business along South Main St. Perry Lawry, 48, was found passed out and arrested for public drunkenness.

September 29- A resident of New Castle St. reported that somebody damaged the door lock of his residence between Sept. 24 and Sept. 29.

October 1- Kevin Clapper, 22, was cited for disorderly conduct for a drug law violation in Gateway Park.

October 1- Taylor Feil, 19, was charged with furnishing alcohol to minors after a complaint was filed with the department about an underage party with 15-year olds, that took place at Stonecrest Apartments.

October 1- Two juveniles were cited for underage consumption after being found intoxicated at a party at Stonecrest Apartments.


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