Uber offers transportation services to Slippery Rock University students

Published by adviser, Author: Haley Barnes - News Editor , Date: December 2, 2015

Uber is now offering transportation services and jobs to Slippery Rock University students and citizens of Slippery Rock.

The first night of operation was Thursday, Nov. 12, according to Twitter page @UberSRU.

Uber driver and senior marketing major Christian Scott said that Uber is a transportation service that helps its passengers get where they need to be safely and efficiently.

“Uber is evolving the way the world moves,” he said. “By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through their apps, they make cities and towns more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers.”

Scott said he got involved with Uber over the summer because he needed a flexible, part-time job.

“I love to drive and talk with people, so I found Uber and have been happy driving with them ever since,” he said.

Scott believes that Slippery Rock University students will highly benefit from Uber, especially during drinking and social hours on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights and weekends. He also said he has high hopes that Uber will be especially popular during the winter, as students will not have to walk in the snow and cold.

“As Uber is not only meant to help people get home after they drink and can’t drive, but here at Slippery Rock there is not a service that helps students get home,” he said. “Yes, there is the Happy Bus, but the Happy Bus does not run on Thursday nights, which is Ginger Hill’s most popular night. Also, with Uber you can request a ride and we’ll be there to pick you up and get you home much quicker then the Happy Bus.”

Scott said Uber is very affordable for students, but that the price varies depending on distance.

“The minimum fee is $7.25 and that will be the typical fee for anyone in Slippery Rock because of the short distance,” he said. “I couldn’t imagine seeing costs for a ride reach over $10. If you and a few friends go home together, that is a pretty cheap and safe ride.”

Scott said that it is easy to request a ride from Uber. He said the easiness and convenience of the company explains why it is growing at such a rapid rate.

In order to request a ride from Uber, Scott said all that is required is the Uber app and a credit/debit card.

“You simply download the app, punch in a few things about yourself and your credit/debit card information and you are ready to go,” Scott explained. “Most new riders can receive a code from another rider who already has Uber and each get $20 off their next ride. With Uber having your credit/debit card on file, there is no need for cash.”

Scott said that students who are looking for extra money and a flexible schedule can work for Uber. He said all the student would have to do is register their car on Uber.com.

“If you have car insurance and a car that is a 2005 or newer, you will be good to go,” he said. “It took me no longer than a week to be a registered driver with Uber.”

He said one of the major advantages of working for Uber is that drivers have the ability to set their own schedule.

“You drive when you want,” Scott said. “Obviously in Pittsburgh, this is 100% true because Pittsburgh is always busy with people needing rides to work, with sporting events going on, with all the colleges in Pittsburgh and South Side, Pittsburgh is perfect for Uber,” he said. “On the other hand, I would say to be most effective at Slippery Rock would be during drinking hours, so that means Tuesday, Thursday and weekend nights.”

He said that Uber will help make the town of Slippery Rock safer and that it will help bring a sense of peace for students who drink and need a ride home.


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