SGA announces replacement of outdated workout facility on Old Thompson Field

Published by adviser, Author: Haley Barnes - News Editor, Date: November 10, 2015

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SGA) announced Friday that companies, Snider Recreation and Greenfield Outdoor Fitness, will begin construction to replace the current, outdated outdoor workout facility that is located on Old Thompson Field with a new outdoor workout facility.

Vice President of Student Affairs at SGA, Jessica Johnson, said that the new outdoor fitness facility will be a great asset to the campus because SRU is an extremely wellness oriented university. She said an outdoor workout facility also aligns with the President’s Commission on Wellness’ ideals. 

“A year or so ago on a care break, members of SGA saw a really awesome outside fitness area and thought SRU would benefit,” Johnson said. “[SGA] was then told how SRU does have [an outdoor workout facility], but it’s out of date.”

Johnson said SGA believes that students use the current outdoor workout facility sparingly because the equipment is old.

She said that the new facility will have multi-level bars, parallel bars, four person horizontal bars and a horizontal ladder.

“[The bars] will all be made out of metal,” she said. “This will serve around 12 people at a time.”

Johnson said that ROTC uses the current facility for workouts frequently and that the organization would highly benefit from new equipment. She said that students and staff will also benefit from the new outdoor workout facility, as professors could use the equipment for classes.

“This prompted the university to get involved and cover all costs,” Johnson explained. “SGA was originally going to help fund, but ended up not being necessary. “

Johnson said that SGA is proud to help bring the new outdoor workout facility to the campus.

“SRSGA is fully committed to encouraging healthy lifestyles on campus and we believe this facility will help achieve this goal,” she said.

Construction was originally to begin Tuesday, but due inclement weather, construction was delayed to Wednesday. Construction is expected to last for four days.


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