Election results in new Slippery Rock council

Published by adviser, Author: Chris Gordon - Assistant News Editor, Date: November 4, 2015

The November 3 elections resulted in a new council in Slippery Rock Borough and strong Republican support in Slippery Rock Township and the rest of Butler County.
Democratic-Republicans Tom McPherson and Brad Kovaleski, the latter of which is the executive director of student development at Slippery Rock University, won four-year terms on Slippery Rock Borough’s council with 242 and 207 votes respectively.
Theresa Pearce, another Democratic-Republican, will serve as the school director for the Slippery Rock region, having won 588 votes.
Republicans Terry Doerr and Mark Bryan will serve six-year terms in Slippery Rock Township.  Doerr won the supervisor position with 506 votes and Bryan won the auditor position with 485 votes.
Despite Butler County’s strong lean towards the top three Republican candidates, the state elected Democrats Christine Donohue, David Wecht and Kevin Dougherty to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a race that set a national record for expense, Penn Live reported.
$15.8 million was spent on the Pennsylvania court race, surpassing the previous record of $15.19 million spent on a court race in Illinois, Penn Live’s article read.
Similarly, Democrats Alice Dubow and Michael Wojcik won positions on the Superior Court and Commonwealth Court respectively, despite Butler County voting in favor of Republican candidates.
Republicans won all county-wide elections.  Leslie Osche will be Butler County’s new commissioner, Richard Goldinger will serve as district attorney, Diane Marburger will be county treasurer, Glenna Walters will be prothonotary, Michelle Mustello will be recorder of deeds and Sarah Edwards will serve as register of wills.


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