SGA approves new constitution and bylaws

Published by adviser, Author: Chris Gordon - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 23, 2015

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association approved a new constitution and set of bylaws Monday night with several friendly amendments and near-unanimous support.

Commuter Senator Cody Moody cast the only opposing vote over concerns that the new constitution’s GPA requirement for senators was too high.

“As shown by this last election, we’re already having trouble getting people to run,” Moody said, suggesting that a lower GPA requirement may enable more candidates to run in the future.

Moody motioned to amend the constitution so that the minimum GPA requirement for senators would be a 2.5, rather than the 2.75 that the new constitution requires.

Moody said that a 2.5 GPA requirement would be sufficient, as it is the standard for most high-level campus positions, including Community Assistants.

SGA President Katie Hill voiced opposition to the amendment, saying Moody had multiple opportunities to voice his concern in the past and that the 2.75 requirement had support from the Senate

The motion was tabled for later discussion, as is required by SGA bylaws.

Dr. Robert Watson, a long-time SRU administrator and historian, described the new constitution’s passage as “historic” and congratulated SGA on their work.

Additionally, SGA unanimously voted to recognize two new clubs, the Project to End Human Trafficking and Rock Ventures.

The Project to End Human Trafficking will aim to raise awareness of human trafficking and raise money for supporting organizations, their spokesperson said.

Rock Ventures’ goal is to aid start-up businesses in the Slippery Rock area through networking and programming, said their spokesperson.

SGA also unanimously voted to fund SRU’s Men’s Hockey Team, which required money for referee fees after four players left the team, according to their spokesperson.

Monday’s meeting featured a video by WSRU-TV of North Country Brewery’s business expansion and a presentation by SRU’s Potter’s Guild, illustrating new pottery techniques the club learned.

Both organizations thanked SGA for the grants they had been given to fund these efforts.


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