SGA promotes equality on campus

Published by adviser, Author: Amber Cannon - Asst. News Editor, Date: December 4, 2014

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association approved the proclamation declaring that they will continue to promote equality for all students at their regular senate meeting Monday. 

President of SGA, Katie Hill said the reason why SGA declared that they will continue to promote equality is because of all of the things that have been happening on the Yik Yak app and around the nation with violence.

“We just want to make sure that we are standing for what is right and what it true,” Hill said. “SGA is in support of rights for all students and their need to feel safe on campus.”

Hill said SGA is planning to recruit people who are interested in advocating and who are going to help educate students about the violence that has been happening and what to do if students are ever in these situation.

Along with declaring that SGA will continue to promote equality for all students, Hill also declared SGA an official Toys for Tots supporter. The senate will continue to support the drive whole-heartedly.

Student Trustee, Laura Ordaz, was the guest speaker at the meeting. Ordaz updated students about when the next Council of Trustees meetings were and what kind of committee meetings they can find and attend throughout the week.

SGA untabled and approved the motion to elect Jenna Temple, Watson Hall senator, and Sarah Arpino as the student members of the SRSGA Board of Directors. SGA also approved the minutes of the meeting on Nov. 17.

The senate adopted a revised proposed ethics statement. The new proposed ethics statement further explains that SGA strives to uphold values and expectations given to them by students. According to the ethics statement, SGA enhances the Slippery Rock student experience by providing students with diverse opportunities that allow growth, they advocate for the best interests of the student body, they represent the students in all matters and forms for their best interest, and they continue to support the students in their pursuit of excellence during their college experience. 

The Study Abroad Club was granted $110 to help fund a welcome back and send-off seminar for students who will be leaving to study abroad and also for students who will be returning from studying abroad. The Winter Color Guard was granted $350 to help pay for an interest fee so they can compete in Winter Guard International. The motion of granting $108 to the Law Society failed.

Speaker of the Senate, Megan Burr, and Commuter Senator, Michael Farah, will both be graduating in December and were recognized for their service to the senate.

Commuter Senator, Michael Farah was named “liter” of the week.


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