Police Blotter

Published by adviser, Author: Amber Cannon - Asst. News Editor, Date: November 13, 2014


Nov. 5 – Police were called to Building E for suspicious activity in a room. The case is under investigation.

Nov. 5 – There was a report of an individual receiving numerous text messages at Rhodes Hall and the individual wanted them to stop. Police advised the individual who was sending the text messages to stop or be subjected to charges.

Nov. 6 – Police responded to PNC Bank inside the Robert M. Smith Student Center for an intruder alarm that was going off. Officers checked and secured the area.

Nov. 6 – Matthew Duch, 19, and Mitchell Loedding, 21, were charged with defiant trespassing for a previous incident.

Nov. 6 – Eli Schramm, 19, was issued a drug violation at Building A after police were called by a CA for an odor of marijuana.

Nov. 7 – Police dispatched an ambulance to the Health Center for a person who needed to be transported to Grove City Hospital.

Nov. 7 – Mitchell Smith, 19, was issued an alcohol violation at Rhodes Hall for a previous incident.

Nov. 7 – Shawn Lacue, 18, was issued an alcohol violation for a previous incident.

Nov. 8 – Brooke Ducicco, 18, Jessica Homol, 18, Katelyn Kunzmann, 18, Taylor Pykus, 18, and Judi Wu, 19, were issued alcohol violations. 

Nov. 8 – Police responded to a fire alarm that was going off at the N. Kerr Thompson Stadium. Officers checked the area and reported that the alarm was going off for an unknown reason. A work order was placed to have the system checked.

Nov. 9 – Police responded to an intoxicated female at Watson Hall. A citation will be filed.

Nov. 9 – Garrett Besonson, 20, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol after police initiated a traffic stop at the Upper Founders Lot.

Nov. 10 – Michael Jury, 18, and Elizabeth Lindstrom, 18, were issued alcohol violations at Building F.

Nov. 10 – Alexis Reimold, 19, was issued an alcohol violation at Building D.

Nov. 10 – Police responded to a medical call at the Jack Dinger Building. The ambulance was dispatched, but the female refused treatment. The female said that her friend will take her to fast care.

Nov. 10 – A fog machine activated a fire alarm at the University Union. Police checked and secured the area.

Nov. 11 – Police took report for a vehicle damage at the BSB Lot.


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