Student verbally and physically assaults police officers, charged with simple assault

Published by adviser, Author: Haley Barnes - News Editor, Date: November 6, 2014

Drew Venesky, 19-year-old mathematics major from Cabot Pennsylvania, was charged with simple assault on Wednesday after he attacked three police officers verbally and physically in September. 

According to the police criminal complaint filed on Venesky, on Sept. 4, officers, Tyler Gray and Lt. Brian Houk were dispatched to Building F for a fire call when they noticed a white male under the influence of alcohol stumbling around the lobby. Concerned for the Venesky’s health and safety, the officers approached him. Venesky responded by flexing his muscles and shoving his hands into his pockets. 

Gray ordered Venesky to go to the health center, but Venesky refused and verbally abused the officers. Venesky was handcuffed and arrested for underage constumption.  

On the way to the health center, Veneksy continued to verbally abuse the officers with profanity and threatened them several times.

Venesky was verbally abusive towards the health center nurses and threatened them by standing up and thrusting his chest towards them, the claim says. 

Officer Lawrence Straub escorted Venesky to his parents in the health center parking lot at midnight. Venesky continued using profanity and Straub ordered him to get into his father’s, SUV. Venesky pushed Straub and Straub pushed back in order to gain control and get Venesky into the backseat, according to the claim. 

Venesky refused and punched Straub in the chest. Venesky was handcuffed and transported to the Butler County Prison.

After a plea-bargain at Venesky’s hearing on Wednesday, the charges were dropped from aggravated assault to simple assault.   

Senior District Judge, Joseph O’Donnell explained parts of the bargain. He said Venesky is not permitted consume alcohol, he must live with his parents and if he wants to change his address it must be approved.

O’Donnell said Venesky is in a bad situation.  


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