Center for Student Involvement and Leadership receives $5,000 donation

Published by adviser, Author: Kevin Squires - Assistant News Editor, Date: February 13, 2014

The Slippery Rock University Foundation received a $5,000 donation from Slippery Rock’s newest apartment complex, the Grove, Monday morning. The money is being utilized by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL) to expand on volunteer opportunities and events for students.

Nicki Thoma, graduate assistant for volunteer programs, explained that these events are planned by students active in the CSIL. “We have 10 CVC [CSIL Volunteer Core Program] members. They build signature events. Right now they’re working on different events like after school programs for homeless children,” Thoma said.

She also mentioned the blood drive and food and clothing drives as programming coming out of the office. “[This donation] just gives us more opportunities to go out and do more things,” Thoma said.

Laurel Dagnon, director of volunteer programs in the CSIL, described the donation as “a blessing if nothing else.” She explained that “with budget cuts and everything our programs have been very tight. Nikki and I have even had to eliminate a number of them so this large gift really allows us to enhance our program and bring in new programs which allow students at SRU to participate.”

Dagnon said the money would mostly be used to enhance programs already in place, but that the office will develop some programs utilizing the money. The programming will “probably with homeless children and with nursing homes,” Dagnon said. She said that she feels the collaboration gives the opportunity to foster programming in the CSIL and get the Grove’s name out to the students.

“We see that [the Grove apartments] are not the traditional residence halls or residence housing for students. They offer much much more,” Dagnon said, “They kind of get it, particularly in the area of social endeavors and that’s important to me.”

Chief Investment Officer of Campus Crest (the company that owns the Grove), Michael Harnett, explained, “We promote getting involved in the community and community outreach is a major cornerstone of our company.”

Harnet said that “the [student leadership] programs here [at Slippery Rock University] are fantastic.” He also said, “We’ve got properties all over the country and the energy and the commitment to get involved here is like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Hartnett also mentioned getting residents involved in tutoring programs for youth. “We have a soft spot for at risk children. It sounds like there are some great programs here to get involved with that,” he said.


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