Evive water stations eliminated on campus

Published by adviser, Author: Jonathan Janasik - News Editor, Date: October 17, 2013

The Evive water refilling stations in the ARC and Robert M. Smith Student center were removed from SRU on Wednesday Oct. 9.

Evive’s company sent an email to customers that said, “Evive Station is a young business and we are still trying to discover what markets work the best for our product. The road to success is not a linear path, rather a bumpy road of trial and error. Unfortunately, we have learned the public university setting is not a sustainable juncture for our business at this time.”

The Evive stations were installed in April earlier this year. Students or faculty members who bought the official Evive water bottle could sanitize and fill their bottle with filtered water.

“Your Evive Bottle is yours to keep,” the email stated. “Please continue using it at water refill units across campus. If you have paid for a membership, we will reimburse you for the full amount and convert your account to access the entire Evive Station network for free.”

ARC employee Taylor Buhler explained that although the Evive stations were not extremely popular, he did see a lot of people with the Evive bottles.

According to Buhler, students often had problems with the station itself. One problem that frequently occurred was  that the machine wouldn’t be able to read the sensor on  the bottle once it had been placed inside of the machine. The bottles would become stuck and locked inside of the machine until somebody else with an Evive bottle would scan their bottle’s sensor.

Even though the company is removing the stations from SRU’s campus, they are still an active business with other stations at other locations.

“Most of our stations are placed in corporate settings and you will have the opportunity to use them again in your future internships/job placements,” the email said.


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