Dumbledore’s Army approved by Student Government Association

Published by adviser, Author: Kevin Squires - Assistant News Editor, Date: October 3, 2013

Magic is coming to Slippery Rock University. Dumbledore’s Army was officially approved and recognized as an organization by the Slippery Rock University Student Government Association at their Senate meeting Monday. Dumbledore’s Army is expected to be a service organization inspired by the themes in the Harry Potter series. Slippery Rock University’s chapter will incorporate socials and fan-based events into their agendas in addition to service projects.

“We have a lot of exciting things planned,” Ashley Taylor, fifth year language and literature major and president of Dumbledore’s Army, said. Some of the things Taylor mentioned included a house sorting ceremony, discussions about topics in the books, and “Harry Potter” related activities at meetings and events on campus including a book drive, a sock drive, and other collaborative events with different organizations.

“We’re also going to be applying to be a part of the Harry Potter Alliance which is a national organization,” Taylor explained. “It’s going to be pretty legitimate and not just a bunch of nerds.”

The Student Government Association also voted to pass the motion to approve the Frontier Leadership Assessment Group (F.L.A.G.) club “with the stipulation that all their paper work is correct and they have their advisor and stuff.”

The group seeks to reconnect with alumni cadets from the University with current and future students as well as to perform community service events such as “Toys for Tots.”

“They submitted in the spring too. So, they’ve been very patient with us,” Brad Kovaleski, advisor of the Student Government Association, said.

The National Council of Teachers of English was approved as an organization. The group plans to have meetings, provide community service and professional development trainings for the members.

The Rock the Second Amendment Club was also approved. The group’s goals are to educate students on the Second Amendment and the risks of losing the Second Amendment.  They also seek to explain the weapons policy at Slippery Rock.

Student Government President Rodgers “Buddy” Clements asked representative and founder of the group, Josh Weitzel, if he was aware of the recent changes to the weapons policy.

“I’m aware it changed. That just doesn’t go far enough. I think it’s naïve to think crime will stop at the door,” Weitzel said, expressing a desire to have weapons carried in the dorms.

Finally, the Writers’ Guild was approved as a new organization on campus. The group was described as a place where writers and aspiring writers can come together and collaborate, critique and share works.

The voting for Watson Hall senator was reopened after being tabled at the last meeting. During the voting, over half of the senators abstained and the motion failed.

“It’s up to you to vote and not abstain. That’s what you’re elected to do.” Kovaleski said.

After a brief executive session meeting, voting was recalled and Amber Kennedy was elected as Watson Hall senator.

Dr. Robert Watson, interim Vice President of Student Affairs, later added, “Not to beat the abstention horse to death, but you were elected to represent students. You don’t represent students when you abstain.”

Aimee Albright, Emily Rose Murasso, Iainna Garrow, and Casey Squires were elected as freshmen senators.

A movie will not be shown this weekend as part of the SGA Movie Series. Movies will resume next weekend.

Cheney Preston was named “liter” (leader) of the week. The “liter” of the week receives a water bottle from the executive board in recognition of their contribution to the Student Government Association.

The meeting adjourned at 10:13 p.m. The next open senate meeting will be October 14 at 8:45 p.m. in the theater of the Robert M. Smith Student Center.


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