Hertz rental cars likely to be available to students next year

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: May 9, 2013

Hertz on Demand, a rental car service, was approved by the Student Government Association Monday evening.

The service will allow students to rent cars hourly or daily by reserving them online.

According to Ben Motyl, outgoing Vice President of Financial Affairs, a contract with Hertz hasn’t yet been finalized.

“We are approved for a one-year contract as a trial run,” Motyl said. “The only condition is that there cannot be any extra fees charged to SGA by Hertz.”

Motyl said the projected cost for students will be $8.50 an hour or $68 a day.

“Students will be able to sign up for time slots online,” Motyl said.

A question many students have is how insurance will be affected, and the minimum age required to rent the cars. At standard car rental agencies, the minimum age is 25.

“The minimum age to rent the cars is 18 with Hertz on Demand,” Motyl said. “Hertz is the insurer on the cars, so the student’s personal insurance isn’t liable for anything. The student would only pay $250 maximum if he/she were in an accident.”

According to the Hertz on Demand 24/7 Website, Hertz On Demand 24/7 is the convenience of renting a car by the hour or day. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with fuel and insurance included.

Drivers can create a profile online or download the iPhone app and receive a vehicle access device by mail or pick one up at the local Hertz location, in Grove City.

Students will also be able to enjoy 24/7 access to two different vehicles on campus by making a reservation online or on a mobile device.

The vehicles, most likely to be mini-vans or SUVs will be parked at the Smith Student Center.

Motyl isn’t concerned with students abusing the cars, and thinks they will be an asset to campus organizations for travel.

“I think it could be a possibility [of student’s abusing the vehicles], but I don’t think that  will happen because they have to pay hourly fee,” Motyl said.

Organizations can still be reimbursed via the Board of Cooperative activities for up to 45 cents a mile if it is in their budget.

After reserving a Hertz On Demand car, the access card or key fob will arrive within 5-7 days after creating a profile online or by using our iPhone app. Once a profile has been completed, the driver will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your vehicle access device is on its way and can expect its arrival by mail within 5-7 days.

Drivers may also visit a participating Hertz 24/7 location to pick up an access card or key fob in-store.

Overall, Motyl is in favor of the service coming to campus.

“I think it is a good service, and a very affordable option for students and organizations alike,” Motyl said.


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