Babe’s to leave Slippery Rock after six years

Published by adviser, Author: Kevin Squires - Rocket Contributor, Date: May 2, 2013

Slippery Rock’s only hot dog trailer, “Babe’s Hot Dogs & More” will only be around for a limited time. “Babe’s” got its start in bustling downtown Slippery Rock on South Main Street about six years ago. The business relocated to a trailer located in the Pine Glenn Apartments parking lot four years ago.

Erin Nesbitt, 23, owner and operator of “Babe’s” explained, “I got an opportunity to go down to Oakland in Pittsburgh and I’m taking it. Babe’s will probably be open [in Slippery Rock] on Saturday nights.”

One reason for leaving Nesbitt mentioned was a lack of respect from customers. “I wish some of the kids respected the trailer more,” said Nesbitt. She has no plans to expand or come back to Slippery Rock, aside from possibly weekends.

Babe’s closing brought sad feelings for junior social work major, Sarah Sobocinski, 21, who stated, “It’s sad because a lot of people like it and the owner there is really nice!” While being disappointed at the relocation to Oakland, Sobocinski admitted “that’s a good business move for them.”

Chris Fargotstein, 21, junior finance major, felt differently about the move, who explained, “that’s a lot of competition for them.” Fargotstein admitted he had not been to Babe’s recently due to the inconvenience of its location.  He did not feel strongly about the closing because of the location.

Nesbitt wanted to inform students, “if there was more respect I would still be there.” She refused any further comment of any acts of disrespect experienced or when they occurred.

“Babe’s Hot Dogs & More” will be relocating to Oakland starting this Monday. It is expected to remain at its current location in Slippery Rock on Saturday nights.


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