SGA announces presidential candidates

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: March 7, 2013

Benjamin Motyl

“I believe I can be a very good leader for campus by representing all of the clubs and organizations and collaborating with faculty, staff, and administration to create a more welcoming, student-friendly campus.”

Party: T.O.G.A “Together Our Goals Achieve”

Executive Board: Abby Schone, Vice President of Financial Affairs; Kelly Moore, Vice President of Campus Outreach; Zach Hall, Vice President of Internal Affairs; Dan Estes, Vice President of Student Affairs.


Graduate Students:

With the debate last year between SGA and The Association of Graduate Students (AGS), AGS wanted to break from SGA because they couldn’t do what they wanted with funding offered from SGA. Motyl wants to compromise with AGS and create separate funding policies for them, and wants to better represent them with more than two graduate senators on senate.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act):

Motyl wishes to make campus more disability-friendly, especially the Smith Student Center. The CSIL has a “Knock for Assistant” sign, and the button to open the front doors, opens both doors at the same time, without allowing enough time for people to come through. Motyl would also like to make the Student Center a more welcoming, school-spirited environment.


Motyl believes the scheduling system at SRU could use some reform. “We need better awareness of when classes are offered, and a better scheduling order,” Motyl said. Motyl created a new model for the scheduling system, and believes that Provost Way is adaptable to change. The model consists of athletes and students with disabilities scheduling first, but reordering honor students based on class rank.

Rogers (Buddy) Clements

“I think I can be a good leader for this campus because I reach out to everyone. Everyone I meet, I want to be their friend. I want to apply that to the President position to bring the student body together and unify the school.”

Party: The Distance Party “Going the Distance for the Student Body.

Executive Board: Megan Burr, Vice President of Student Affairs; Dustin Norcross, Vice President of Internal Affairs; Anthony Plumberg, Vice President of Campus Outreach; No Candidate for Vice President of Financial Affairs



Clements is already involved in many sustainability projects through the Geography, Geology, and the Environment program. Clements wishes to bring more sustainability programs to campus, including starting an off-campus recycling program for commuters.

The Face of SGA:

“I want people to know who SGA is and what we do,” Clements said. Clements wants students to come to SGA whenever they have an issue. This year they have already started to fix this problem, but Clements said he wants to step forward again in the future.

Organization Involvement:

Clements feels that many organizations on campus are currently under appreciated. He wants to bring more recognition to organizations like Greek Life and the Arts. “I want everyone to feel equal and involved,” Clements said.


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