Co-Op increases meal allowance for athletes

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: February 3, 2013

The Board of Cooperative activities increased the meal allowance for athletics Thursday.
The increase will take place in the 2013 -2014 school year, and will increase lunch from $7 to $8 and dinner from $10 to $11 per athlete.
According to Ben Motyl, Vice President of Financial Affairs, the budgetary increase won’t affect any other clubs and organizations.
“The money is being reallocated within the athletics budget, and will have to be taken from other areas within their own budget,” Motyl said. “It’s only a ten percent increase.”
Dr. Constance Foley, Vice President of Student Life, mentioned efforts to get more funds from other avenues for athletics at Thursday’s meeting.
Foley said that over the years the athletic budget has gone over the amount that Co-Op has allotted them because of travel costs including bus contracts and gas.
According to Foley, the student life enhancement fee goes to operations within student affairs, but there currently is a caveat against using that money towards athletics.
“[With the money from the student life enhancement fee] I was able to buy another car for the police department, and a van for the health center, but I haven’t been able to help athletics out because of this discrepancy,” Foley said.
Foley said President Cheryl Norton wants to take the topic to the council of trustees, and also wants a letter of support or non-support from student government.
“Part of the reason I’m bringing this up is so you don’t have to violate your polices to give athletics more money,” Foley said.
Co-Op also approved a fund request of $250 to club baseball for league fees.
There are currently 33 club members who pay $60 dues, and the extra money is needed to cover what the dues won’t for the league fees. The spring fees will cover the fall playing season.
A line item transfer for Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance was also approved Thursday.
Money was transferred from FMLA’s Roe vs. Wade event to advertising their event One Billion Rising.
The One Billion Rising event is global event that involve one billion women around the world. The event will be held Feb. 14 in the quad during common hour.
Co-Op also approved this year’s auditing firm for SRSGA, Inc.
The auditing firm will be Mark Turnley for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.
The budgetary reserves of Co-Op are currently listed at $165,556.20, which reflects the motions made at Thursday’s meeting.


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