Co-Op approves Student Conference Grant

Published by adviser, Author: Catie Clark - Assistant News Editor, Date: November 16, 2012

The Board of Cooperative Activities approved a new initiative Thursday that will allow for student organizations to use Co-Op funding to attend conferences.

According to Ben Motyl, Vice President of Financial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer of SGA, the Student Government Association will set aside a budgeted amount of $5,000 per academic year, or $2,500 per semester, to fund for conferences.

“These funds will be used on a first-come first-serve basis and only be allowed to apply for through new initiatives,” Motyl said.
“First-time preferential will be given to an organization if several have applied at the same time and one has previously received the Student Conference Grant.”

Under the grant, SGA will fund an organization up to $500 to send as many students as wanted.
“For instance, if only two people from an organization wish to attend, SGA will fund up to $250 per person. If there are five people from an organization who wish to attend, SGA will fund up to $100 per person.”

The funds from SGA can only be used for conference registration. Transportation, food, lodging, and all other expenses must be paid for in some other fashion.

“If some amount of the Student Conference Grant is not used after the first semester, that amount will carry over into the second semester,” Motyl said. “If any amount remains after the second semester, that amount will go back into budgetary reserves.”

Motyl said that after returning from the conference, all participants must present to the student body on how the trip benefited the student, the campus, and how it relates to University Outcomes within three weeks of returning.

This is to be a free presentation, the entire student body should be invited, and all members of organization must attend. The presentation must be announced in the master calendar.

According to Motyl, failure to present within three weeks will result in freezing of budget until completion of the presentation.

Motyl said that groups can also secure additional funds from their academic departments, the academic enhancement fee, and the student life enhancement fee through the Vice President of Student Life, Dr. Foley’s, office.

The Board of Cooperative Activities also discussed and accepted Landmark for the security contract with SRSGA Inc.

“Two bids came in, Landmark and CSC,” Motyl said.  “Landmark was proven to be more cost efficient. Their rates were inclusive of all per diem expenses while CSC has separate per diem costs on top of the staff rates.”

Motyl said the budgetary are currently listed at $166,056.20.


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