Chancellor Greenstein hosts open forum

Greenstein speaks with faculty, staff and administration

Published by James Cressman, Date: October 13, 2023
The chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System Dr. Greenstein

Chancellor Greenstein visited Slippery Rock University (SRU) on Oct. 5 to meet with faculty, staff and students. The Chancellor’s visit to SRU was a part of his regular visits to college campuses within the Pennsylvania Area State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

While on campus, Greenstein hosted an open forum for all faculty, staff, and students to attend and ask the chancellor any questions they have about PASSHE or Slippery Rock’s performance.

During the forum, the chancellor spoke about the many accomplishments PASSHE and Slippery Rock has made during his tenure. He highlighted the five-year tuition freeze and the impact the savings have on students.

The chancellor expressed the importance bringing in new students who would not have normally enrolled in secondary education. A demographic that he believes could be key to the university’s future success is non-traditional students, or students that did not enter college right after high school. This is something that President Riley spoke on during her fall assembly.

Chancellor Greenstein stressed the need for a different approach when working with adult students since they cannot be reached in the same way as students in high school.

Students leaving high school typically do not work full-time jobs and have children. When attending a university like SRU, they’re capable of adapting to the semester term sessions. With non-traditional students, this may not be the case. They may have children, mortgages, and full-time jobs that are necessary for their livelihood. Chancellor Greenstein suggested that classes might need to be held at later times to accommodate students who work.

Prior to the open forum, the chancellor met with President Riley and the Council of Trustees for a luncheon. The Rocket had the opportunity to speak with Trustee Jeff Smith. He shared that the luncheon with the chancellor went well.

Lunches between the chancellor and the Council of Trustees focus on what is going on at the university level. Smith shared that the lunch was able to be more social this year as, “an indication that we are in a pretty good place right now.”

The last time the chancellor visited campus was Nov. 2022, marking his final visit to campus under the Behre administration.


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