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Senior art majors cap off the year by showcasing their artwork

Published by , Date: April 25, 2022

Four senior Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) students hosted an art exhibition in the Martha Gault Art Gallery from April 18 to April 21.

The BFA exhibition was the first of multiple that will showcase graduating art students’ artwork. The event hosts the final result of the students’ capstone projects, after researching and refining an idea all semester. 

Lara Mechling presented “Wander the Wonders.” Bella Sekely presented “Unbroken Records.” Kaity Lance presented “Simplistic Beauty of Nature,” and Julia Csuk presented “Eye See Color Differently.”

A statement accompanied each of the artists’ showcases, as well as a book with their entire work. The book included pieces that weren’t included in the exhibit. 

Mechling’s concentration is in graphic design. When she originally declared a major, she was between graphic design and cultural studies. She wanted to do art more than she wanted to take history classes.

She originally wanted to do a coloring book. However, when she couldn’t work on a research component, Mechling went back to the drawing board. 

“I’ve been to two of the wonders of the world, so that’s why I got the idea,” Mechling said. “While researching that, I found more lists about it.” 

She created 20 illustrations, eight of which were displayed in the Maltby Center. 

“I like traveling the world, and during the pandemic, we couldn’t do much of that,” Mechling said. “People [can feel like] they’re traveling the world seeing my show.”

Sekely’s “Unbroken Records” started with two ideas that she wasn’t sure how to incorporate: the vinyl record and a personal part of her life. She fell into the idea of making records for her loved ones. 

“I just looked at the five most influential people in my life, who helped me throughout my whole artistic journey,” Sekely said.

She created custom illustrations and song titles that reminded her of those important people in her life. 

“And then I thought, well, what would make this interesting for viewers to see,” Sekley said. “I don’t think anyone wants to see just my family, you know?” 

Sekely wanted to create covers and song titles that viewers could relate to. Then, anyone could reminisce about their own loved ones while viewing her exhibit. 

“People in my life really inspire me every day,” Sekely said. “I have the most incredible support system and everything that I am and where I’m at now is all dedicated to them.”

After college, Mechling will be going on a trip a few days after graduation, while Sekely will stay close to home and save up for an eventual move. 

“I’m proud of myself and my classmates,” Sekely said. “Everyone who exhibited with me did such a great job and I think everything turned out really nicely, given the timeframe that we had.”


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