Sarah Allen

Published by , Date: June 25, 2018

I am a senior Exercise Science major and this will be my first (and unfortunately only) year working at The Rocket. While it is not typical for an Exercise Science student to pursue journalism, I discovered through my experiences in undergraduate research that the way we communicate our scientific findings is just as important as the science itself. When I learned that our newspaper didn’t have a science column, I took the opportunity to unite my once estranged passions: my fascination for science and unwavering love for writing. In addition to being a contributing writer on health, wellness, and the like, I finally get to pin on my Grammar Police badge in a journalistic setting as the Assistant Copy/Web Editor.

Outside of The Rocket, you can catch me on campus as a Financial Aid office assistant, FYRST Seminar peer leader, or Exercise Science lab assistant. If not on campus, I’m probably busy folding sweaters and using my customer service voice at the Grove City outlets. After my time at Slippery Rock, I plan to attend graduate school for some sub-discipline of science communication such as science journalism or science reporting. But for now, I’m just going to keep diving deeper into exercise physiology and try to accept AP style’s omission of the Oxford comma.


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