Hannah Shumsky

Published by , Date: June 25, 2018

My journey with The Rocket began well before I became a student at SRU. In fact, while my younger sister was taking a tour of a local university, our tour guide was related to Cody, the Editor-in-Chief of The Rocket for the upcoming year. Prior to this, I served as an editor in my high school newspaper’s news section for two years before becoming Editor-in-Chief my senior year, so I was absolutely interested in continuing writing for my university’s newspaper. So, from the beginning of that semester, I became a regular contributor to The Rocket’s news section.

Throughout my senior year of high school and even my freshman year at SRU, I was stuck between declaring a major in education or communication. After all, I loved every component of the student journalism process that I experienced in high school, yet I felt a desire to teach younger generations about the art of English and how those lessons go well beyond a classroom. In the end, I believe that I’m meant to share my experiences and knowledge with others, so I declared secondary English education as my major with the hopes that I will not only teach writing and literature but also journalism.

This year, I’m ecstatic to join The Rocket staff as Assistant News Editor during my sophomore year. I’m absolutely excited to work with Adam this year to see all that we will accomplish in the news section as I cover SRSGA meetings and write the weekly police blotter.

Outside of The Rocket, I am an active member of the Honors College, Secondary Education/Foundations of Education (SEFE) Club and Kappa Delta Pi. I also serve as a mentor in the Transition Achievement Program (TAP).


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