Jack Hopey

Published by , Date: June 25, 2018

When I first picked up a camera, I dropped it and it broke. Luckily, the second time went a lot better. I’ve enjoyed all types of media since I was a little kid but only recently found a true passion in photography. I’m excited to join Paris as part of The Rocket Photo Team for my senior year.


Alongside photography, I’m an avid band nerd. I’ve participated in marching band since high school and am currently in the euphonium section in the Slippery Rock Marching Pride. I have also traveled across the country with drum and bugle corps for the past three summers performing and working on media teams, most recently with The Cavaliers.


I like dogs, music, tacos, and the Campus Life editor, Megan.


Follow me on like every social media ever -> @MrJackHopey


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