Things To Consider When Decorating a College Dorm

Published by Partnered Content, Date: May 13, 2022
Things To Consider When Decorating a College Dorm

Whether you’ve just hit the college stage or are a veteran student in for the long haul, keeping your living quarters exciting and stylish goes a long way. You don’t have to be a design major to decorate your dorm. These are some things to consider when decorating a college dorm this semester.

Create Some Ambient Lighting

You already know most college dorms follow a cookie-cutter layout. The usual fluorescent lighting doesn’t help much. To add a more comfortable appeal to your dorm room, consider sticking Bluetooth-compatible lighting behind furniture like your bed or desk. The wide array of colors available on the app lets you create various moods. Whether it’s time to study or watch a movie, the simplicity of these lights does wonders for any event.

Make a Picture Wall

This is not exclusive to Insta-worthy models. Everyone is going to make some memories on campus. Remembering them with a physical photo is an excellent way to reminisce. Connecting them on your wall with some string or fairy lights helps to emphasize the nostalgic feelings they engender. By dedicating a space on your wall for memories, you can log your adventures while creating an aesthetically pleasing vibe.

Invest in High-Quality Carpets

You dedicate a lot of time to your studies. Investing in your daily foot traffic pays off immediately. Imagine the softest slippers you have ever used. Now imagine what it would be like if that material spread your entire floor. By considering some of the hot carpet trends this year, you provide yourself with a dose of luxury and fashionable design every day.

Get a Full-Body Mirror

Full-body mirrors offer a good preview of your look for the day. They are a wonderful addition for fashion savvy-people. These mirrors help them make quick adjustments before stepping out the door. Getting inventive and expressing yourself through your clothing is one of many things you are free to explore. A full-body mirror becomes a close friend in that endeavor.

For the adventurers or the homebodies, taking extra care to design your dorm room goes a long way in making you excited to get home after your daily activities. These small changes to simple amenities make the studying grind more relaxing. By keeping in mind these things to consider when decorating a college dorm, you are sure to experience an upgrade that is worth all the effort.


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