5 Ways To Pull Your Vehicle Out of the Mud

Published by Partnered Content, Date: May 16, 2022
5 Ways To Pull Your Vehicle Out of the Mud

When we go off-roading or overlanding, we cross different types of terrain to reach a destination or explore the great outdoors. However, we may encounter certain obstacles that will hinder our progress from moving forward, such as mud. When a vehicle gets stuck in the mud, there are different ways to free your vehicle and progress onward.

The Wiggle Method

A wiggle method is a common approach for a vehicle getting stuck in a sunken patch of land. The car turns its tires from left to right multiple times to dislodge itself from the wheels’ position. As mud causes the vehicle to sink and the slickness of the wet dirt allows little traction, the car will need to “wiggle” out of this position instead of attempting to drive through it.

The Rocking Method

Rocking the vehicle back and forth will build momentum in moving out of the mud. There is a chance that beneath the mud, there is solid ground or gravel that will allow the car to grip something and move forward. The grinding of the tires will kick up the mud and move it out of the way, gaining momentum as it consistently moves the mud out of the way.

Gaining Traction

Every car needs traction to move, especially when you need a way to pull your vehicle out of the mud. Placing something firm and solid that the tires may grip will allow the car to move out of place enough to get out of the mud patch. Using cardboard, chains, or car floor mats will prove effective.

Decrease Tire Pressure

This method is a great way to pull your vehicle out of the mud and is a great tip for people who start overlanding. Decreasing the amount of air in your tires causes your tires to spread out as they contact the ground, creating a wider area of the tire that makes contact with the road. When you need to get out of a patch of mud, a low-pressure tire will have more width to increase its potential to grip something solid such as rocks or dried dirt. Once you get out of the mud, make sure you refill your tires to a safe amount of pressure.

Call for Help

When all else fails, asking for help from a friend or roadside assistance is a good idea. The point of getting out of an emergency is that you are safe and not if you did it yourself. Call anyone who may have a tether or cable that will hook onto your vehicle, give them your general location, or walk to the nearest place with cell service if you don’t have a signal outdoors.

Getting stuck in mud is an annoying experience and inconveniences you and the people involved. But when it does happen, these helpful tips will guide you through it so you will get back on the road.


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