The Downsides of Wearing a Beanie All Winter

Published by Partnered Content, Date: March 10, 2022
The Downsides of Wearing a Beanie All Winter

The winter season comes with endless layers and fashionably warm accessories. Many never stop to think that maybe there are cons to them, specifically with headwear. Even as we enter spring, you may have days where you grab your beanie on the way out the door. While staying warm is the primary goal, the downsides of wearing a beanie all winter may surprise you, especially if you experience any of these common issues from the cold season.

Your Hair Becomes Flat

Those with thin to fine hairstyles understand the desire to have fuller, more voluminous hair. Typically, it’s best to gravitate toward hair extensions to add some body. There are many types of hair extensions out there, so determine which kind will work best with your lifestyle before choosing this option.

But even with extensions, a beanie can flatten your hair and increase other damaging factors. When you remove your beanie indoors, it can be challenging to fluff because the pressure of the beanie weighs it down.

Your Hair May Appear More Oily

Your beanie will collect and trap hair oils, eventually creating a greasy appearance, even if your hair is clean. Consider carrying dry shampoo and using it when you remove the beanie. This can help combat some of the oil build-ups and keep it at bay underneath your hat.

Your Scalp Can’t Breathe

Beanies are a great solution when worn on occasion or in brief instances of cold weather. However, prolonged use can prevent scalp restoration and eventually prevent hair growth. When the scalp doesn’t have room to breathe, it can’t do its job effectively. This is a significant downside of wearing a beanie all winter because you want your hair to have life and maintain health by summer.

An Increase of Hair Breakage

Because beanies use a variety of heavy knits and fabrics, you increase hair breakage every time you take it on and off. Friction, static, and tangles can also occur in the bottom layers of your hair, and through prolonged wear, this can cause further damage or breakage.

They Ruin Hairstyles

Once you place your beanie on your head, any styling applied to your hair goes out the window. Wearing a hat is more suitable for bad hair days or days you decide not to wash. If you intend on styling your hair for an important meeting or presentation, consider opting for an ear wrap or muffs to cover your ears and leave your hair mostly untouched.

A beanie is a mindless grab on your way out the door, and they complement many outfits and styles. Even though the warm weather is on its way back, it’s important to know the damage caused to your hair throughout the winter. So the next time you grab your beanie, consider how long you need to wear it. Your hair may thank you!


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