Weekly Organization Spotlight: Slackline & Hammock Club

SRU club works to have fun while taking care of the environment

Published by , Date: March 14, 2022

The Slackline and Hammock Club, also known as Between Two Trees, focuses on slacklining, hammocking and improving the environment. They stive to follow the Leave No Trace principles. 

Tom Koraido, a junior safety management major, is Between Two Trees’ only officer as of now. He says it is currently “dormant” due to weather and scheduling conflicts. However, once spring arrives, he has plenty of ideas to get Between Two Trees back in full swing. 

Koraido first heard of slacklining through the rock climbing community. He attended clinics in Pittsburgh to learn the basics and is now passing on the knowledge to students through demonstrations in the Quad. 

“People see me slacklining and they come up and ask, ‘Hey, what do you do?’ We talk and hang out and then they try it out,” Koraido said. “I had a table at the Involvement Fair, but it was hard to get people to even come up to the table.

“College kids are a rough crowd, except when I’m already [demonstrating].” 

Aside from slacklining, Between Two Trees focuses on hammocking: hammock camping, napping in hammocks and generally “decompressing outside.”

They also emphasize Leave No Trace practices. Koraido used the Cache In Trash Out (CITO) initiative as an example of their values. CITO is supported by geocachers who collect and throw away any litter they find while exploring outside. He referred to litter as a disappointing eyesore. 

“We want to treat the environment that we’re using for hammocking and slacklining well,” Koraido said. 

The club also plans to plant trees around campus and protect the ones that are there already, as trees are essential to what they do. 

When Between Two Trees becomes more active, Koraido plans for the club to be driven by the members. As a student, he wants to take advantage of all the opportunities college life offers, which includes being part of a club that aligns with his interests. 

Those interested in Between Two Trees can visit their CORE page, email Koraido at tmk1018@sru.edu or follow their Instagram @between2trees_sru. 


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