A Beginner’s Guide to Motorsports

Published by , Date: July 2, 2020
A Beginner's Guide to Motorsports

Many people enjoy watching or playing mainstream sports like football, soccer, hockey, basketball, or baseball. However, limiting oneself to these ignores many other fields to compete in. Some people enjoy competitive eating while others enjoy ice skating. In fact, there is a field of sporting events that involves mechanical machines as much as human application: motorsports. Read this beginner’s guide to motorsports for more information as a spectator or future competitor.

Automobile Racing

The most common form of motorsports people know today is an automobile race. Carmakers, car owners, and car fanatics all love talking about a few key things: speed, style, and performance. With that obsession came many different styles and regulations pertaining to specific models and specifications. For instance, the Formula 1 races use open-wheeled formula cars built for performance and high speeds. The “formula” refers to a hybrid power unit that provides an insane powertrain of over 200 mph. Formula 1 races have become staple events in Europe and Asia. Another form of automobile racing domestic to the United States is stock car racing. Known by its professional league NASCAR, stock car races use unmodified cars from their original factory configurations compared to race cars which have been specifically designed for racing purposes. Lately, stock cars have adopted and conformed their specs for top races even if they cosmetically represent a factory vehicle.

Pickup Truck Racing

Similarly, pickup trucks are used for racing purposes. Contrary to cars, pickup trucks are commonly used in off-road races where aftermarket modifications can increase their off-road capabilities. While not limited to pickup trucks—cars, motorbikes, and ATVs can all drive off-road with the right specifications—some notable races exist specifically for them. One such race is the Baja 1000. Located in the Mexican Baja California Peninsula, racers drive customized pickup trucks over the rough desert terrain to see who finishes in the least amount of time.

Motorcycle Racing

The last main activity in this beginner’s guide to motorsports is motorcycle racing. Like with car racing, each motorcycle race depends on bike model, engine, and terrain. Virtually anyone can get started in motorcycle racing with the right knowledge and skills. For example, you must learn the different races to experience. Notably, sport bike races consist of powerful factory-produced bikes on paved road surfaces. Alternatively, off-road races—like motocross and supercross—use smaller bikes and different styles of helmets. Each race could involve a time trial, obstacles, endurance challenge, or number of laps for competitors to face. Some legacy motorcycle races that draw thousands of spectators include the MotoGP—often marketed as the Super Bowl or World Series of motorcycle races—and AMA Superbike World Championships.


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