SRSGA passes funding requests, appoints student trustee search representative

Published by Layla Joseph, Date: February 23, 2023
SRSGA senators sit attentively at a formal meeting on Feb. 20.

Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SRSGA) held a formal meeting Monday where they passed four motions and appointed a student trustee search representative.

The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) has been searching for a student to fill the position of trustee, who sits with the governing body of the university.

According to SRSGA President Hannah D’Egidio, the position of student trustee is an important role that impacts students.

“The student trustee gets to advocate for the students, especially when they vote on raising or lowering tuition fees,” D’Egidio said.

Two senators volunteered to fill a position on the student trustee search committee, and a vote by secret ballot appointed Commuter Senator Evan Smith to become the student trustee search representative. No debate or discussion followed the vote, and the motion was unanimously passed.

The finance report was moved for approval by College of Liberal Arts Senator Amanda Brock, who said she had to research before fully supporting the motion.

“It kind of seemed like a lot of money to me, personally,” Brock said, referring to funding requests from three different club sport organizations.

Women’s Club Volleyball requested $5,045 to alleviate the cost of traveling to nationals in Kansas City this April. Twelve players would benefit from the money requested, which covers airfare for the national tournament.

Club Baseball applied for four funding requests in hopes of having a spring season. The cost for the baseball team to participate in their league is $2,225 for the spring semester, and in their first request, the team explained they’re $1,119.78 short.

The club baseball team asked SRSGA to fund $1,119.78 to help cover the remaining cost of dues for their league.

The team has “exhausted all of its current funds,” according to the second and third funding requests, which both involve funding travel for the team. The Finance Committee denied the complete request but proposed the committee give them up to $1,000 to make it possible for the team to attend tournaments.

Club Baseball’s last request for $320 allows the team to hire umpires for their home tournaments. In total, the team requested $2,439.78 from SRSGA.

Western Equestrian Club also requested $650 to assist them in funding judges for their home tournament.

Brock said that after doing more research, she found that club sports may receive a lot of aid from SRSGA, but they also relate to the biggest population of students.

“With [sports] and music, it makes sense that those are the two biggest populations that we are giving money to,” Brock said. “Therefore, I felt more relaxed in supporting this motion.”

The finance report also included two conference grants: the American Marketing Association and the Environmental Education Interpretation Club each requested $500 to split among students attending conferences. The finance report was passed unanimously.

A motion to move $75,000 to enhance SRSGA reserve funds, which previously had only $8,000 to complete the semester, was also approved unanimously.

“This is a common occurrence as around the same time last year, we added the same amount and prior years to that added money as well,” the Finance Committee’s proposal read. “In order to continue to support the many clubs and organizations on campus, this proposal is necessary.”


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