University Village plans on expansion in summer 2012

Published by adviser, Author: Jonathan Janasik - Rocket Contributor, Date: February 10, 2012

Slippery Rock University Village announced Monday that they had finalized plans for the construction of five new buildings starting in summer 2012.

President and Managing Principle of Oculus Capital Group (OCG), Christopher Feeley announced plans to build Phase II of the University Village.

Phase II will add five new buildings, containing 44 units and 152 beds.

“Phase II was in the plans before we started to build the original apartments” Feeley said. “The decision to move forward with the plans was made about eight to twelve months ago.”

The demand for housing by upperclassmen was the deciding factor to add the new buildings, Feeley stated.

The rooms in the University Village are usually leased very quickly.

Construction is expected to begin in June or July of this year and the buildings should be completed and ready for leasing for the Fall 2014 semester, Feeley said.

There will be two different floor plans available for the interior of the new buildings.

These include three-bathroom, three-bedroom arrangements, and four-bedroom, four-bathroom arrangements.

Feeley stated that the rates of the Phase II rooms will be similar to the rates of the Phase I rooms.

The University Village is located in Slippery Rock on Vineyard Circle off of Keister Road.

The new buildings will be built right next to the older ones.

The University Village was formerly known as the Ivy when it was built in 2007. The Village currently has 14 buildings holding 200 units and 632 beds.

The floor plans include four-bedroom, four-bathroom arrangements and two-bedroom, two-bathroom arrangements.

Leasing Consultant Brandi Keech stated that the University Village was recently renovated, adding a new basketball court, and a sand volleyball court, along with an outdoor kitchen and an updated clubhouse.

“[The University Village] offers more amenities than the other housing options,” said Keech. “We have free tanning, a gym, an outdoor kitchen with a fire pit and a jacuzzi, and a ton of events including Waffle Wednesday, Taco Tuesday, and we just held a Super Bowl party. Residents each get their own bathroom, and do not have to pay for parking.”

While many University Village residents are happy with all of the amenities provided for them, they’d like to see better parking arrangements before the addition of new buildings, according to Jake Leiby, 20-year-old junior and University Village resident.

“I would definitely rather see them add more parking before anything else,” Leiby said. “I hate comming home from work late at night and having to park all the way in overflow parking.”

OCG is a firm founded in 2010 centered in Washington, D.C. that specializes in building apartment complexes for Eastern Coast universities.


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