Police respond to disruptive person

Arrest ends with property damage, minor injuries

Published by , Date: March 31, 2022

University Police have filed multiple charges against a Slippery Rock University student after his arrest turned violent, resulting in a broken table.

Two Slippery Rock University Police Department officers were called to Building F on March 10 for a student acting erratically and breaking items in the common area. When officers arrived, they found Isaac Smith, 20, sitting in a chair speaking fast, according to the criminal complaint.

While talking with Smith, he allegedly told police he only smoked marijuana. At one point during questioning, Smith jumped up out of the chair and began running around and yelling.

Officers attempted to arrest Smith but he continued to fight back, according to the complaint. Smith and one of the officers fell upon a table in the lobby, breaking it. At that time, officers requested back up from Slippery Rock Borough Police.

Shortly after the officer from Borough Police arrived, all three were able to get Smith into handcuffs.

After his arrest, police allege Smith would stop struggling with officers then begin fighting with them and yelling obscenities. They also observed his breathing change from a very fast pace to slow down. Officers believe at one point Smith passed out and, when coming to, he began yelling at officers.

An ambulance was called to the building to take Smith to the hospital, but he was so combative the medics asked for an officer to ride in the back of the ambulance.

University Police filed four charges on March 24 including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors. Smith is also charged with criminal mischief, for breaking a pool stick and damage caused by allegedly jumping into windows and public intoxication, summary offenses.

Besides some minor scrapes, no officers were injured during the altercation, according to Slippery Rock University Police Chief Kevin Sharkey.

According to court records, Smith has requested a public defender but one has not been appointed yet. He is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing in front of District Judge Joseph J. Nash on May 11 in Slippery Rock.

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