College of Health Senate Seats Official

The four new positions will be filled in the fall during Freshman Senator elections

Published by , Date: March 21, 2022

The Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SRSGA) officially approved adding senate seats for the College of Health once it is operational in fall 2022.

The positions, created through an amendment to the SRSGA bylaws, will replicate other college senate seats with four positions available. Those seats will be filled in the fall and will not be a part of the body’s upcoming election.

The amendment will also reduce the number of At-Large Senator positions from 12 to eight, a move created by the body to help ensure the Senate is close to full every year, according to SRSGA President Mia Graziani.

Historically, At-Large Senate seats have been harder to fill in the past. After lateral movements of senators this year to vacant positions, only three of the 12 available seats are filled.

Elections for SRSGA senators and executive board will open March 28.

Three student organizations had their funding requests approved, totaling more than $6,000 dollars.

Club Golf received the highest amount of $3,200 to cover dues and costs to compete in three tournaments throughout the rest of the semester.

Triathlon Club was approved for $1,900 to cover lodging and transportation costs to nationals this year.

To help cover transportation costs to an upcoming conference in April, the Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educator’s Association received $1,500.

Tau Beta Sigma was also awarded $425 in conference grant funding. That money will help cover registration fees.

During its formal meeting, the SRSGA hosted and highlighted the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA).

FMLA President Megan McLafferty provided a short presentation to highlight work the student organization has conducted over the years and promote a few of its upcoming events, including a self-defense course in April.

The organization looks to empower women on campus through its hosted events. One event hosted by FMLA that stands out to McLafferty is Take Back the Night: an on-campus event that allows survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to tell their stories.

“In the two [events] I have been to, both of our speakers have come up to me to say how empowering it was to be able to share their stories,” McLafferty said.

Sen. Gabe Stiles informed the body that Aramark had conducted a soft launch of Starbucks online ordering through the GET App.

During the ad-hoc committee on dining, Aramark representatives said students could expect no more new venues opening this semester, but there is a possibility of some sites moving around on campus to better serve students.

Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs Grant Warmbein announced that Student Safety Week will begin right after the body’s next formal meeting, March 21.

The week will begin with a Campus Safety Crawl. Other events include drowning prevention and pepper spray training. Information about all the events can be found on CORE.

The SRSGA will host its next formal meeting at 5 p.m. on March 21 in the Smith Student Center (SSC).

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