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Published by , Date: March 3, 2022

February 24 – Police received a complaint from Old Main regarding a case of possible fraud from Richmond Hill, Georgia. The case is currently under investigation. 

February 24 – Police received a complaint from the Robert N. Aebersold Recreation Center (ARC) about a disorderly individual who was yelling and cursing at employees. The case is currently under investigation.

February 25 – Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) requested assistance at Rebecca Lane due to an alarm activation. The person on scene provided identification.

February 25 – A parent contacted University Police and asked them to check on their child. Police contacted the student at Building A and was told to call his parents.

February 25 – An individual reported to police that a plow accidentally pushed snow onto their vehicle at the Physical Therapy Lot. The owner was contacted to check for damages and a report was filed with the police department. 

February 25 – Police were called to an accident at the Founders Upper Lot due to a vehicular accident caused by an ice patch. Both drivers were okay, as well as their vehicles. Both parties exchanged information.

February 25 – Police were called to the Union Commuter Lot about a vehicle that slid into a mailbox. The vehicle was drivable, and the post office was notified to fix the mailbox. 

February 26 – Police were contacted by a CA at Building B regarding an individual smoking marijuana in their dorm room. The items were seized, and charges are pending for the student. 

February 26 – Police were called to Building A for medical assistance. Police and EMTs assisted, and the individual was transported to the hospital.

February 27 – Police were asked to assist Borough Police with a fight that broke out at Sheetz. University Police assisted in breaking up the fight, and Borough Police are now handling the incident. 

February 27 – Butler 911 requested University Police to respond to a noise complaint on Cornish Drive. Officers arrived and knocked on the door, but nobody answered and no noise was coming from inside. Officers cleared the scene and advised Butler 911.

February 27 – Police received a call regarding a large container by the Founders Lower Commuter Lot. The case is under investigation. 

February 27 – Police were called regarding an alarm that went off at North Hall. It was determined to be a pump alarm and maintenance was notified.

March 1 – An individual filed a hit-and-run report that occurred at the West Lake Commuter Lot. The individual states that they parked their car in the lot at 7:50 a.m. until 3:13 p.m. Once they returned, they noticed damage to the driver side bumper. The case is under investigation, and security footage is going to be reviewed.

March 1 – Police received a call from a CA at Watson Hall to report an alarm activation in the entryway of the building. Officers on scene could not silence the alarm and contacted the alarm company. A blown fuse breaker was deemed the cause of the alarm, the system was reset, and power was restored. 

March 2 – Police responded to a vehicular accident on Stadium Drive. No one was injured, both vehicles were drivable and both parties exchanged their information. 

March 2 – Police received a complaint of individuals honking and screaming at someone outside of the Boozel Staff Parking Lot. The complainant believed the individuals followed them into the building. The individuals were identified from video surveillance and contact was made. The individuals said they were not yelling at the complainant, but just messing around. No further action was taken. 

March 2 – Police received a complaint of someone’s vehicle being struck by another vehicle while parked in a 15-minute parking spot at Patterson Hall Lot. While at the police station filing a complaint, the person that struck the vehicle arrived. Information was exchanged and no further action was taken.

March 2 – Police received a call of an individual falling in and out of consciousness at the Harrisville Building. EMS and police were on scene and the individual was transported to Butler Memorial Hospital.

March 2 – An individual came to the station to file a report of a hit-and-run at the Founders Lower Commuter Lot. The individual reported finding damage to the driver side panel and the tail light. The case is under investigation.  

March 2 – Police were dispatched for an alarm activation at the Jack C. Dinger Building that was disturbing a neighboring classroom. The officer on scene determined that noise was coming from a laptop. The officer turned off the unit.

March 2 – Police responded to a harassment complaint at the Ski Lodge. Upon interviewing the individual, it was discovered that the incident occurred at The Heights apartments. The case was referred to the PSP.

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