2020 Elections: State, local election results for Butler County

Pennsylvania Department of State releases unofficial returns of election


This unprecedented election process amid the Coronavirus pandemic has neared its end, as President-elect Joseph R. Biden will become the 46th president of the United States Saturday after amassing more than 75 million votes.

While the presidential election is happening at a national level, there are also elections happening at the state and local level. This includes the attorney general, auditor general, state treasurer and state representatives races.

Out of the 3,822 registered voters in Slippery Rock Township, there were 2,033 ballots cast, with 484 being mail-in and 1,549 being in-person on Election Day. The voter turnout total for the township was 53.19%.

The Pennsylvania Department of State released the unofficial election results on Tuesday for the following races: the attorney general, the auditor general, the state treasurer, the representative in congress (Districts 15, 16 and 17), the senator in the general assembly (Senatorial District 21, 41 and 47), and the representative in the general assembly (Districts 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 60 and 64).

The New York Times also released election results for Pennsylvania. This webpage is continually updated as ballots are counted.

Democrat incumbent Joshua Shapiro will become the attorney general. Shapiro ran against Republican candidate Heather Heidelbaugh, Libertarian candidate Daniel Wassmer, and Green Party candidate Richard Weiss.

Republican Stacy Garrity claimed victory over Democratic incumbent Joseph Torsella after Torsella conceded. The New York Times has not called the state treasurer race for Pennsylvania yet.

The winners of the race for representatives in Congress of the 15th, 16th and 17th Congressional Districts were all Republican as well. In the 15th Congressional District, Republican Glenn Thompson won against Democrat Robert Williams, amassing over 15,000 votes. George Kelly won against Kristy Gnibus with 52,593 votes in District 16, and Conor Lamb won against Richard Parnell in District 17.

Republican Scott Hutchinson won the 21st Senatorial District with more than 47,000 votes. Joe Pittman, the Republican candidate, won the 41st District with about 20,000 votes. Republican Elder Vogel Jr. won with more than 7,000 votes in the 47th District.

For the representative in the general assembly race, Republican Timothy Bonner will serve in the 8th Legislative District, as he won against Democrat Phillip Heasley with 9,755 votes.

In the 10th Legislative District, Republican Aaron Bernstine won with 1,705 votes. Bernstine ran against Democratic candidate Kolbe Cole, who received 1,338 votes and Johnathan Peffer with 100 votes.

Marci Mustello, a Republican candidate, won the 11th Legislative District race with over 22,000 votes. Mustello ran against Democratic candidate Samuel Doctor.

Republican Daryl Metcalfe won against Democrat Daniel Smith Jr. in the 12th Legislative District with more than 26,000 votes.

The 14th Legislative District race included Democrat Zachary Wilson and Republican James Marshall. Marshall won this election race with 6,018 votes.

With only one candidate running for his district, Republican Jeffrey Pyle won the race for the representative in the general assembly for District 60.

For the 64th Legislative District, Republican Lee James ran against Green Party candidate Michael Bagdes-Canning. Lee won with 2,305 votes.

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