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SRU President William Behre announced during the University Program Board’s livestream Monday night that the tuition and financial aid proposal has been suspended.

“We will not be asking the Board of Governors for the 3.5% increase as we originally planned,” Behre said. “We will have whatever change in tuition that the Board of Governors recommends. It will not be ideal for SRU financially. However, in the current uncertain economic environment, we believe that the 3.5% increase is not tenable at the moment.”

The proposal entailed tuition pricing and financial aid plan. Behre said the proposal would raise the average bill of a resident by only 1.3% over three years. In addition to the tuition increase, he said SRU plans to invest more than $7.6 million in financial aid.

The Council of Trustees voted to advance the proposal to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s Board of Governors in February.


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